15 of the Most Inappropriate Disney Products That You Can Actually Buy

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Most people out there have some sort of appreciation for Disney, but we all know that there are some hardcore Disney fans who can be a little… intense? You know, the people who want Disney to be involved in every little corner of their life, even when it means the brand products are totally inappropriate. It’s actually borderline creepy to make certain products Disney-themed. I mean, hey, if these things bring you joy and aren’t hurting anyone, then by all means, have fun with them! But some of us just don’t understand the need to surround yourself in every facet of life with Disney stuff. Too much of a good thing can be extra AF.

I noticed this recently, when scrolling through a site and happening upon some Disney Princess-themed lingerie sets that seemed way too risky for the brand. Then I did more digging, and honestly? I was not prepared for the level of wild Disney that I encountered on the Internet. Whether you want to buy everything on this list (again, go for it if it makes you happy!) or you just want something to giggle about in shock, check out the most inappropriate Disney products that you can actually buy:

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