8 Musicians Who Think They’re Actually Worth These Big $$$ Meet and Greets

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Here’s the dream: It’s a normal afternoon, you’re walking home from a hair salon with fresh highlights and a blowout, and you’re wearing an adorable yet entirely effortless outfit. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a blond head and oversized T-shirt. Could it be? you think. Could that be Justin Bieber strolling along across the street? You tap his shoulder. It’s him. You take the cutest selfie any fan has ever taken with JB. Like, it’s @justinbieber Instagram-worthy. The two of you marvel over this incredible photographic feat as you head to a local coffee shop, where you chat for hours and realize you’re falling for each other…

That’s the dream. Here’s the reality: If you want a selfie with the Biebs, you’re gonna have to pay cold hard ca$h. Sorry, girl. Many of your fave music stars hold meet and greets, but they’re not exactly easy tickets to grab. And if you do manage to shove a M&G pass into your Ticketmaster cart, you better be ready to spend your birthday money — all of it, from every year, like, since you turned 2 years old. Here are the stars who force you trade five years of your allowance for one meet and greet pass: