28 Emotional Book Deaths We’ll Never Fully Recover From

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First of all, we're just going to have to throw up a huge SPOILER right now, because if there are some YA books you haven't read just yet, we'll be discussing some major reveals in this post. So if you wish to remain spoiler free, it's probably best you click away. Otherwise, let's get to it!

Now that that's out of the way, let's discuss the most emotional book deaths of all time. There's just something about book characters that make their demises that much harder to deal with. Since you're creating a whole world in your head, it's kind of like you know them. So if/when they end up biting the dust, it truly is like losing a friend.

It's pretty much known that if you're reading a (good) YA book, there's at least one character who doesn't make it to the end, and if you're a regular Teen reader, you know how much we LOVE YA books. So, we've rounded up — in no particular order — not one, not two, but 26 (!) of the most emotional book deaths that have ever happened. Grab some tissues, and click through the gallery below if you think you can make it. Which was was the MOST emotional? Sound off in the comments section!