The Top 5 Most-Anticipated YA Love Scenes You Waited Your Whole Life For

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There are many reasons to obsess over YA books. For the most part, you can identify with the heroes/heroines, like self-described plain Janes Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments) and Beatrice Prior (Divergent); there’s so much action packed within the pages, you can hardly contain yourself; and, most likely, there’s a love story; a love story SO epic that keeps you reading into the late night until you reach the very end, then reread on occasion.

Again, apart from the select few, there’s some form of romance within most young adult novels. Of those that do, there are a fair amount that gratuitously include love scenes in the first tales of series. Then there are others; ones that force you to wait book after book, page after page until you finally get to see your OTPs engage in acts of intimacy, whether it be first-time kisses or full-blown sexual intercourse. Here are the top 5 most-anticipated YA love scenes of all time, it’s as if you waited your whole life for these precious moments of fictional affection:

5. Harry Potter — From the very beginning, it was clear that Ginny harbored more-than-friendly feelings for her brother’s best friend. However, there were many emotional distractions put in place before they ever hooked up (i.e. Dean Thomas and Cho Chang). It wasn’t until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — both book and movie — that the two finally locked lips for the first time. In the novel, it happened in front of the Gryffindor students in the Common Room after their team won the Quidditch Cup. In the movie, it happened while they were alone in the Room of Requirement. It took nearly FIVE YEARS, guys. Wha-?!

4. The Mortal Instruments — The first five books in Cassie Clare‘s franchise offered plenty of close-but-no-cigar sex scenes between its leading characters, Clary & Jace. So, by the time the sixth and final novel, City of Heavenly Fire, was released, fans were eager to see if Clace took the next step… and it did NOT disappoint.

3. Divergent — The first book in Veronica Roth‘s franchise introduced the world to Tris & Four for the first time, throwing in a couple secret smooches along the way. Insurgent stayed in the PG-13 sector as well. But Allegiant had to move past that, right? Erh… maybe, maybe not. While there are implications of sex between the hero and heroine — discarding of clothes, a sleepover, you know the deal — the author never explicitly states that intercourse occurred throughout the night.

HOWEVER, the Insurgent film took care of that for us, allowing the two leads to strip bare and do the deed, much to fans’ surprise.

2. The Twilight SagaTwilight, New Moon and Eclipse sheltered readers from what they were undeniably craving: a Bella-Edward love scene. However, given author Stephenie Meyer‘s personal views on sex before marriage, it made perfect sense why the characters also waited to lose their virginities until after tying the knot.

Thankfully, Breaking Dawn included multiple moments that set Twihards’ hearts racing. Bedward freaking broke the bed!

1. Harry Potter — Nearing the end of the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there was still zero lovin’ between Hermione & Ron, and it was torture to the fullest. Then, amid the fight to end all fights, after destroying a Horcrux together, Harry’s best friends finally smooched — we’re talking an all-out makeout session. It was a bit underwhelming in the film version — Rupert Grint‘s head basically blocked the entire lip-lock — but at least we were able to picture it with our own imaginations before it was brought to life on the big screen.

*The Fault in Our Stars — Sure, there wasn’t much waiting involved, considering John Green‘s book started and ended with TFiOS, but Hazel & Gus’ beautiful love scene deserves at least a little bit of credit.

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