16 Upcoming Movies You’re Already Dying to See in 2016

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The list of most-anticipated movies of 2015 did not disappoint once the films hit theaters. Avengers: Age of Ultron! Jurassic World! Star Wars: The Force Awakens! It was like one box-office record-breaker after another. And even those that didn’t shatter records still kicked major butt. Insurgent! The Scorch Trials! Mockingjay — Part 2! Sure, there were some duds (*cough* Jem and the Holograms *cough*), but, overall, the flicks we were most anxious to see were wins. Will we be able to say the same for 2016, though?

As per usual, we picked the movies that we’re dying to see throughout the year. Some were pretty much givens, like the latest installments in franchises like The Divergent Series, X-Men, plus the Harry Potter prequel; others simply sound awesome AF. (Eff yeah, The 5th Wave!) To find out which films should be on your must-see list for 2016, all you gotta do is follow our lead: