17 of the Best (Okay, and Weirdest) Morphing Celebs

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Combining your face with a celebrity’s to determine what your baby would look like isn’t a new concept. But more recently, we’ve seen combos of celeb morphings to determine, well… nothing really. It’s just for fun. (Did you see the result of Demi Lovato‘s mug merging with Simon Cowell‘s? In the words of the “Heart Attack” singer herself, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”)

So, we went through all of the transformations in @Morphing_Celebs‘ Twitter gallery and picked the best (okay, and weirdest) combinations of the bunch. Check ’em out in the gallery below, then tell us which one’s your fave in the comments! NOTE: You’ll probably realize that things start to get more and more odd as you click along…