12 Things You’ll Understand if You Have More Than One BFF

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Quick, what’s better than having a person with whom you can share all of your deepest secrets and watch all of the Netflix in existence? The answer is having more than one of those people in your life, duh! Because, when it comes to best friends, the more the merrier. Seriously, those people who say that “it’s impossible to have more than one best friend” have no idea what they’re talking about.

So, to prove to them just how wrong they are (and how much they’re missing out on by limiting themselves to just one bestie), here are 12 things that you’ll only understand if you’ve been #blessed with multiple BFFs. (It’s a pain in the butt sometimes, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.)

1. Ridic group texts. So many group conversations, so little time. And so little sleep, because, even if you’re trying to nap, your best friends are still awake chit-chatting away.

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2. Epic #usies. The couple’s version of the selfie cannot compare to the group version, okay?

3. Having to tell every important story several times. It’s not like you can wait to update your best friends on your life until you are all together. So that means telling and re-telling the same story a whole lot.

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4. Complicated gift shopping. Which translates to “expensive gift shopping,” because the costs of special presents that each friend will love add up.

5. Infinite wardrobe options. One extra closet of borrowable clothes is nothing compared to the seemingly limitless options that you’ve got when you have multiple closets from which you can snag items.

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6. Never being able to locate your lost stuff. Which best friend’s house is your pink crop top at? The world may never know.

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7. Experiencing the occasional FOMO. It will suck and you’ll be super jeal.

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8. Becoming an expert birthday-rememberer. Because you wouldn’t dare forget one of your BFF’s birthdays, no matter how many of them you’re expected to keep track of.

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9. Having a handful of parents. The same rule applies to groups of best friends as it does to a pair of best friends: Everyone’s parents adopt everyone else.


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10. Already having your bridal shower planned out. Now, picking a maid of honor is a whole other ball game that you will reluctantly attend one day.

11. Hoping that you all had kids around the same time. In hopes that they would continue the BFF lineage, Rugrats-style.

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12. Getting expert advice by combining all of their ideas. It’s like having a jury of your peers except their jury duty sentence is lifelong and free.

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