We Got an Awkward. Fave to Reveal 10 of His Most Personal Secrets

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Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown

In case you weren’t completely aware, we’re obsessed with MTV’s Awkward. because, well, duh. Seriously, we can’t stop watching it! Not only is the Jenna-Matty drama super awkward (makes sense), but the other people on the show are the most entertaining parts of our Tuesday nights. So, keeping all of that in mind, we’re stoked to tell you the secrets of Monty Geer a.k.a. Cole.

Not only is he really awesome as on the hit series, but he’s also an animal lover and a tree hugger. How cute is he? He also told us all about how he was in school — awkward or not? — and what some of his biggest fears are. For all of this, plus more things to know about him, check out what he had to say here: