8 Modern Songs You Absolutely LOVE That Are Actually Rape-y AF

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It’s OK to have a problematic fave. If you’re unfamiliar with the lingo, a “problematic fave” is basc something or someone you love even though they do or say things that are kind of effed up. This means they could have or express regressive viewpoints that are subtly misogynistic, or racist, or homophobic, etc. You get the point. But because they are well-intentioned, you let it slide and keep hoping they’ll eventually become more enlightened. Again, it’s fine to have a problematic fave but only if you can recognize that the person or thing you love is doing something wrong! Take racist music videos for example — you can love Taylor Swift and still admit that her Shake It Off music video is pretty messed up.

The same goes for songs that contribute to rape culture. Some of these songs are sing-along JAMS and banning them from your iTunes is just unrealistic — but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the fact that these artists are normalizing rape in our society and describing examples of sexual assault as if they are typical relationship and hook-up behaviors. Here are 8 recent examples (in this decade only).

Identify your problematic fave(s), call them out publicly and talk about these things with your friends and peers so that you can continue to blast these hit songs and not feel that guilty about it.