10 Mockingjay GIFs & Memes Only True Hunger Games Fans Will Understand

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Slowly, but surely, new footage from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 is being released, and fans are fah-reaking out (us included). But with ample time between now and the November 21 release of the Jennifer Lawrence-led film, we figured that we'd help to fill the void with GIFs and memes only true Tributes will understand and appreciate.

NOTE: The page numbers listed below may vary depending on which version of Suzanne Collins' epic final story you own.

1. Haymitch (p. 72)

Tumblr (welcometopanem)

2. Katniss (p. 90)

Tumblr (mad-lizzy)

3. Katniss (p. 106)

Tumblr (billiejs)

4. Finnick (p. 156)

Tumblr (clevertooclever)

5. Finnick (p. 156)

Tumblr (awesomebookquotes)

6. Katniss (p. 352)

Tumblr (wordswithworth)

7. Plutarch Heavensbee (p. 386)

Tumblr (x0xcheerx0x)

8. Katniss (p. 388)

Tumblr (abnegation-tribute)

9. Katniss (p. 390)

Tumblr (buttercupisbrainless)

10. Peeta (p. EVERYWHERE!)

Tumblr (risarodil)

Plus one more that's just for fun…

Tumblr (madeof-starlight)

Let's talk about that 'Unity' teaser from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, shall we?

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