Another One Bites the Dust — Popular Boy Band Suddenly Breaks Up

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Welp, you can now add MKTO to the list of boy bands that broke our hearts. JUUUUST as we started to accept the fact that the Jonas Brothers are no more and Emblem3 will most likely never be a thing again, Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley, the boys who made up MKTO, announced that their band is calling it quits.

One of the guys posted an ominous note the group’s Twitter account late last night, which got rumors of a breakup swirling.


Although that particular tweet has since been deleted, both the 26- and 24-year-old replied to fans who questioned them about the end of the band, basically confirming that the news is true.

Tony also retweeted a girl that said she was “sad that MKTO is over.”

Demi Lovato‘s former co-star also might’ve dropped hints that something was going on a couple days ago.

We’re trying to hold onto the sliver of hope we have right now, but NGL — things do not look good. We’ll be sure to update you if the boys say anything else about the possible split.

Remember when these bands “took a break” but never came back? Good times.