Movies Endorses: Mirror Mirror! 5 Reasons Why You Should See It

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We know, we know, our interview with the cast of Mirror Mirror already convinced you to see it this weekend. Hello. We love Snow White. Duh. But if not? We have 5 more reasons you’ll def want to see this (instead of, oh, we dunno, The Hunger Gamesfor the 17th time) in theaters. So, let us begin…


1. The costumes. Nope, these fairytale dresses aren’t your typical pretty ones with puffy sleeves. These costumes are like, the stuff we wish we could put on just for a minute and pretend we’re a princess. And even Julia Roberts’ (who plays the Evil Queen) pajamas are like, 8 million times nicer than our fanciest gowns. True story.


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2. It’s different than the original story of Snow White. We won’t spoil it for ya, but let’s just say they put a nice twist on the typical story and we like how they changed things up.


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3. Armie Hammer is in it.And he makes the most perfectly handsome prince ever. And also? He’s shirtless in a few scenes.’Nuff said.


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4. It’s funny. We’ll admit Nathan Lane (who plays the Evil Queen’s assistant) was def the most hilar, but allthe characters had some pretty fab one-liners. And those dwarves? Wicked sense of humor.


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5. Lily Collins sings! Ok, we’re not saying that Lily has a future career in pop music, but if you stay till the end of the credits, you’ll hear Lily belt it out to this Bollywood song. Grammy-worthy? Nah. But catchy? Absolutely.


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Mirror Mirror is out now! Will you be seeing it? Think Armie and Lily are cute together? What’s your fave fairytale?

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