Miranda Cosgrove’s Music Is Inspired By Boys

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When asked what inspired Miranda Cosgrove‘s new song Kissin U, she told Paper Magazine that her music is influenced by “boys.” More specifically, an ex-boyfriend. That’s awkward. Or maybe not?

She told the mag, “I played it for him before anybody else heard it and then told him it was about him, though I’m pretty sure he figured it out.”

Miranda also spills on future plans and favorite bands…

On recording with Weezer: “To me that was just crazy, because I’ve listened to Weezer for such a long time. It was funny to me that he would have any idea about who I was.”

On looking ahead: “I think about my future all the time, but it’s hard because it’s always changing. I feel like I have a lot of options. It’s fine, though, because in the end it’s all really up to me.”

On touring with a band full of boys: “We order pizza and stuff. It’s like camp.”