Miranda Cosgrove Sues Former Tour Bus Driver After 2011 Accident

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Instagram (@mirandacosgrove)

Instagram (@mirandacosgrove)

It’s been two years since Miranda Cosgrove‘s tour bus accident; the accident that caused her to cancel her Dancing Crazy tour from August 2011 onward. But, even though her rep was “told everyone will be fine,” which was announced at the time in a statement (via MTV), the former iCarly star is allegedly still suffering from the repercussions. And she’s looking for someone to pay.

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the 20-year-old actress claims she was left “disfigured and disabled” after the incident in question. Although it may’ve appeared to have just been a broken ankle to some, Miranda and her mother say they “have lost their normal lives” as a result, and are suing the driver of the tour bus, the driver of the overturned tractor-trailer that was laying across the highway that they crashed into, as well as the transportation companies because the Cosgroves believe this was all preventable, and that the members involved failed to keep a “safe and proper lookout.”

Reports suggest that Miranda and her parent are asking for more than $50,000 each for the unspecified damages inflicted onto their bodies and lifestyle.

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