10 Small Life Annoyances That Always Feel Like a Huge Deal

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Some days, you feel like an actual superhero who can’t be stopped. But other days, even the tiniest of obstacles can seem impossible to get past. And at those times, these ten minor annoyances really do feel like the end of the world as we know it, even if you know that they aren’t a big deal:

1. Your bra strap unhooking underneath your shirt. Which means you’ll just have to be sad and uncomfortable for a while.

Oh My God

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2. Finding a blackhead. Ugh.

You Can't Be Serious

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3. Your phone dying when you aren’t near a charger. It’s your only connection to the outside world!

4. A store running out of your size in the cute dress you want. And it feeling like there is a personal vendetta against you.

Oh Come On

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5. Your hair being uncooperative. “Of course, I wanted it to be this frizzy.”

6. Accidentally stubbing your toe. Even worse if you break a toenail in the process because ouch.

7. Wanting Coke, but being asked if Pepsi is okay. They aren’t the same soda!

It's not okay Sherlock

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8. Smudging your freshly-painted nail polish. You’ll repaint it, but it’ll always get re-smudged. Always.

I Give Up

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9. Arriving to the movie theater too late to get a good seat. And now you’ll either have to squint or bend your neck for the next 90 minutes!

30 Rock Jack Donaghy Crying

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10. Losing your headphones. Or, maybe even the worse situation of breaking just one ear bud.

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