Minnie Mouse Eye Masks Are Here and They’re Almost Too Adorable

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If you love Disney as much as we do, chances are you’re always looking for new products to help make your daily routine a bit more magical. Mad Beauty just released some adorable sheet eye masks in the shape of your favorite mouse… MINNIE!

If Mad Beauty sounds familiar at all, it’s because it’s the company behind the Disney Princess sheet masks that we’ve been obsessed with since they first came out. The brand is really stepping it up now by giving us the OG Minnie Mouse realness we’ve been needing in our lives, and look at how cute these bad boys are:

That’s not all, folks! As it turns out, the company makes sheet eye masks in the shape of Ariel’s seashells and Winnie the Pooh’s honey pot, so if the Minnie Mouse design isn’t quite working for you, there are definitely some other options. But, if you’re not sold based on their appearance, you’ll be glad to know that these masks are cucumber and green tea-scented, which might just be the refreshing boost you need after a long day at school, work, etc. Dry skin is no fun, especially since it’s still pretty darn cold outside.

If you’re at all interested in purchasing these Disney eye masks for yourself, they’re only $9 for a set of three, which, if you ask us, is totally worth it! Not only will you feel completely refreshed, but you’ll also be relaxing in style while getting rid of those puffy, sleep-deprived eyes. What could be better than that?