O-M-Glee! This Mini Warbler’s “Teenage Dream” Is Almost Cuter Than Darren Criss’ (Video)

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If and when Darren Criss leaves Dalton Academy to be with his on-screen boyf at McKinley high, we have the perfect person to replace him as head Warbler; this little guy! It’s slightly inappropriate that little Kellan, who’s easily no more than 5 years old, is singing about turning you on in his skin-tight jeans, but sexual lyrics aside, this vid of the cutest little Glee fan singing “Teenage Dream” is a must-watch. He’s even got his own little Warblers suit jacket! Not to mention, his moves are dayum good too.

Click on to watch!

Was that cute or what?! What’s your fave Warbler song? Tell us in the comments!