EXCLUSIVE: Mindless Behavior Receives a Special Gift from Skittles!

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Mindless Behavior, Skittles

What you see above should be blowing your mind right about now. It’s a picture of Mindless Behavior‘s Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal (one of our favorite boy bands) holding a speaker/dock stereo system made entirely out of — wait for it — Skittles! And yes, it’s 100% able to play music despite it’s deliciousness.

MB says of the system, “We LOVE our Skittles speaker… We use it ALL the time! We could be at home hangin’ out with our friends, listening to Rihanna or Kanye [West], or sometimes we’ll use it in the studio to listen to our own new music after layin’ down vocals for a track. Our lifestyle is crazy and we’re always on the go, so it’s cool that it’s small enough to carry around with us… Plus it’s covered in one of our favorite candies, Skittles!”

Back in June, we revealed Ryan Beatty‘s present from the candy company: a rainbow microphone! ICYMI, Ryan used his Skittles mic while singing his single, “Every Little Thing.” As for other notables, Joe Jonas, Jasmine Villegas and Lamar Odom all received Skittles gifts, too. What do you think of Mindless’ speaker? Tell us in the comments or tweet to @MindlessBhavior!

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