Millie Bobby Brown Supports Jacob Sartorius Backstage During His Show

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Our fave ever Millie Bobby Brown was spotted jammin’ out on the side of the stage at Jacob Sartorius‘ concert, and for some reason, the world can’t handle it.

So here’s the story: A few weeks back, word broke that Millie and Internet star Jacob Sartorius are dating, and pretty much everyone, including every grown adult person on earth, had some sort of weird opinion about it. Also, did we forget to mention that MBB and Jacob are literally 13 and 15 years old, respectively? Moving on.

In response to the media storm surrounding their relationship, Millie retweeted an article with a headline that read, “Is It Really Okay to Talk About the Love Life of a Famous 13-Year-Old?” And we’re totally with her on this one — at 13, we were most definitely drooling over *NSYNC‘s Lance Bass, and trying to get popcorn out of our braces. *major face palm*

At any rate, the Internet has exploded again because Millie was spotted boppin’ around backstage at Jacob’s concert in Atlanta on Wednesday night. From the photos obtained by TMZ, she’s clearly having the time of her life. It’s no question Millie is such a busy bee and works so hard, so it’s refreshing to see her getting to actually be 13 and have some fun. Good for her; good for him; good for everyone!

But although we’d love nothing more than to see these two happy while spending time together, can we also just, like, let them live?