Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius Make Relationship Instagram Official

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When rumors surfaced that Millie Bobby Brown was dating not one of her Stranger Things co-stars, but rather star Jacob Sartorius, we were shook. We just didn’t see that one coming, ya know? But the clues were there and then Us Weekly confirmed that the celebs had, in fact, taken their friendship to the next level, so we quickly got over our shock and started to accept the fact that this is Hollywood’s newest young couple.

But you know what they say — don’t believe everything you read. So we decided to wait a bit before we speculated too much about a 15- and 13-year-old’s potential romance… and then the British actress stepped in and basically confirmed things herself.

MBB posted a picture of herself and the social media sensation on Her Instagram story along with several heart Emojis over the weekend. The photo was dated December 31, 2017, meaning that it was taken when they were at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for New Year’s Eve.

Dating rumors between the two really heated up after Millie posted a series of pics of herself cuddling a giant teddy bear along with the caption, “Thanks for the bear,” and a heart emoji.

Although she didn’t tag anyone or say who got her the stuffed animal, Jacob quickly commented on the post, claiming that he was the present-giver.

“Course,” he commented, along with another heart emoji.

Millie didn’t necessarily confirm that she’s dating Jacob, but as you all know posting photos together on social media is a big deal, especially when you have a combined 21.3 followers on Instagram. No big deal or anything, though.