New Teen Couple Alert! Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius May Be Dating

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Sorry, Fillie fans — it looks like Millie Bobby Brown has a new boy in her life and it’s NOT Finn Wolfhard.

Ever since Millie Bobby Brown quite literally burst into the spotlight as Eleven on Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things, fans have been dying to know more about the personal life of their favorite celebrity.

Mike Wheeler and Eleven have made our hearts burst ever since Mike first took her in, and as we got to know them more, it’s become more obvious that they are PERFECT for each other. Millie and Finn Wolfhard’s off-camera friendship is just as sweet and nothing is more adorable than when they talk about how their on-screen kiss was their first kiss IRL, too.

As much as fans love to think that Millie and Finn will follow in their characters’ footsteps, it looks like the 13-year-old actress has eyes for another famous boy… musical.ly star Jacob Sartorius!

It all started when Millie liked one of Jacob’s tweets that said, “Just another day with you on my mind.”

Obviously, this has fans wondering if MILLIE was the person on Jacob’s mind or if she was just liking a relatable tweet. Everyone went into overdrive when, three days later, Millie posted a photo of her hugging an adorable stuffed bear with the caption, “Thanks for the bear,” with a heart emoji.”

Thanks for the bear ❤️

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Although Millie didn’t tag anyone or say who sent the bear, the 15-year-old social media star quickly commented on the post, claiming it was him by saying, “Course,” with ANOTHER heart emoji!

Now, we’re not rocket scientists or anything, but we’re putting the pieces together and it DEFINITELY looks like these two teens are in the early days of a relationship! They haven’t been spotted out together, but we’re crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Guess we can now add MBB to the list of female celebrities JS admitted to crushing on, including rumored (ex?)girlfriend Jenna Ortega.