Millie Bobby Brown Just CRUSHED the #InMyFeelings Dance Challenge

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Last night, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp took a break from the Stranger Things 3 set to join in on everyone’s favorite new internet trend: The #InMyFeelings dance challenge, which has fans from all over the world showing off their best dance moves to Drake’s catchiest new song.

Millie and Noah started their challenge video from inside a car, and then smoothly made their way outside to show of some super fun, coordinated dance moves:

nights like these get me crazyyyyy hahaha #friendshipgoals

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Drake should seriously consider stealing some of their choreography for his next video, ’cause it’s definitely a step up from his “Hotline Bling” moves. (No offense Drake)

At one point in the video, Millie and Noah can’t help but laugh their heads off as they take off their hoodies with what we’re guessing is a little less swagger than they’d intended.

Stranger Things fans can also get a kick out of the fact that the adorable challenge video was filmed in the vicinity of the show’s season 3 set, as you can see a few trailers and crew members walking around in the background. And while the setting doesn’t seem to give us any clues as to what scenes Millie and Noah were filming that night, we can confirm that no Demogorgans, Mew Mews, Bobs, or Barbs were harmed in the making of the challenge video.

Millie shared the cute video along with the caption, “Nights like these get me crazyyyyy hahaha #friendshipgoals”, so we’re guessing it was one of those long and exhausting night shoots for these co-stars and real life besties. But hey, at least they’re making the most of that #setlife downtime, right?!