8 Millie Bobby Brown Lookalikes You’ll Have to See to Believe

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When Stranger Things first dropped on Netflix back in July 2016, fans knew immediately that Millie Bobby Brown, the 13-year-old who plays the role of Eleven, was simply one of a kind. The British cutie has since become one of the most talked about young stars in Hollywood, constantly being compared to older, more accomplished actresses. Actually, fans are so confident in her acting ability that many are even pushing for her to get a role in future Star Wars films.

As confident as we are that Millie’s extreme level of talent will bring her continued success into adulthood, there are some more important things we need to talk about ASAP… like the fact that the teen actually has several celebrity doppelgängers. And even though she looks a lot like some other famous celebs we know, don’t worry because as far as we’re concerned, her talent is still unmatched for someone her age. Ready to find out who her celeb lookalikes are? We’ve got ’em right here: