Millie Bobby Brown Admits to Having Crushes on These 7 Gorgeous Stars

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It’s crazy to think that we have only known who Millie Bobby Brown is for a little over a year. Although she is only 13 years old, Millie is already a household name because of Stranger Things‘ massive success. Not only has she sky-rocketed into fame, but she even received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. To say that she is literally living the dream would be a huge understatement.

We have been following her success closely and honestly LOVE how she and her new Hollywood besties, Maddie Ziegler and Grace VanderWaal, have become the new up-and-coming girl squad! (Move over, Taylor Swift!) We mean, did you see how fierce they looked when they came out together to present at the Teen Choice Awards?!

While Millie has been super busy at the moment doing a ton of new and exciting projects, our minds are set on Stranger Things, Season 2 that is finally being released THIS month! As crazy as it is that it’s already October, we’re totally okay with it if it means that we finally get to have Eleven and the gang back in our lives.

We are so excited to binge-watch every episode of Season 2 on Netflix when they’re released on October 27, especially since Millie has hinted a bunch that Eleven will have way more actual lines on the new episodes. When actors promote a new show, it means we get tons of new info about what to expect, and honestly we’re still trying to get over all the casting secrets we found out about Season 1.

Along with finding out what to expect from Season 2, we’ve also found out some interesting information about Millie, especially when it comes to who she is hardcore crushing on. It’s easy for us mere mortals to talk freely about celebrity crushes, but we give major props to Millie for being so open about hers because she could run into them at events! We rounded up all celebs who Millie has admitted to crushing on, TBH, our lists are very similar: