Millie Bobby Brown Was Devastated to Learn Cardi B Wasn’t at TIME 100 Gala

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Millie Bobby Brown was one of the many young celebrities to be honored at the TIME 100 Gala in New York City last night. The 14-year-old is actually the youngest person to ever be named on the TIME 100 list of most influential people, which is an incredibly exciting honor in and of itself. But while the Stranger Things actress was obviously excited for the evening, we watched her heart break in front of our very eyes when she found out fellow list-member Cardi B did NOT attend the prestigious event.

“I’m most excited to see Cardi B,” the teenager said when a TIME magazine reporter asked her who she was most looking forward to seeing during the gala.

The journalist responded, “What if I told you Cardi B isn’t here tonight?”

“Is she not?” MBB responded with a completely shocked expression. “Why not? Why didn’t she come? Give me — oh wait — she is pregnant. She is pregnant. I’ll give her that, but that’s it. Next time, she better be here. She better turn up.”

Not gonna lie, we feel ya, Millie! The 25-year-old rapper has completely slayed Hollywood in the past year or so, and if we found out she wasn’t at an event we were attending, we’d be pretty darn upset, too. But even though the British actress didn’t get a chance to hang out with Cardi, she was able to catch up with Shawn Mendes and Yara Shahidi, so the night was FAR from a bust.