Millie Bobby Brown Almost Cried When She Saw Aaron Paul’s TIME 100 Tribute

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Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest person to ever be named on the TIME 100 list, an incredible honor that she should be SO proud of. As part of her inclusion, fellow actor Aaron Paul wrote a tribute to the Stranger Things star, and his kind words almost had her crying.

“I was almost in tears,” the 14-year-old told InStyle magazine. “I was in my fitting for the show, and I read it, and it was so nice and so kind. I love him; he’s amazing.”

Here is what the Breaking Bad alum wrote about MBB in TIME:

“The first time I met Millie Bobby Brown was inside an ice cream shop. My wife and I had superfanned her, like most of the public did when they first saw her onscreen in Stranger Things. We asked if she wanted to meet up, and she said yes. We screamed. We picked a little ice cream shop in New York City, and then, suddenly, we were all together.

The moment we started speaking, I realized we were in the wrong setting. I had thought, ‘Oh, she’s 12, let’s get ice cream.’ No. She may have been 12 in years, but her spirit and mind were timeless. A wise woman was speaking from her cherubic face. It was like speaking to a future mentor with a perspective and groundedness that I could only have dreamed of at that age. Or at any age, if I’m being honest.

Maybe that’s why she’s such an extraordinary actor. She somehow understands the human experience as if she has lived it for a thousand years. I’m proud to know her. To call her a friend. To call her my adopted daughter.”

We’d cry, too!