Millennial Pink Minnie Mouse Ears Have Arrived and We Need Them Immediately

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Try not to freak out, you guys, but if you love Disney as much as we do and you just so happen to be looking for your next set of Minnie Mouse ears, we think we’ve found ’em. Why? Because Disney just launched these incredible millennial pink ears and — SHOCKER — we’re totally and completely obsessed with them.

If you remember, Disney launched its rose-gold ears last summer and they were a HUGE hit, with some fans even camping out at the World of Disney store the night of their release so that they could be among the first to get their hands on a pair. That being said, it makes total sense why Disney’s releasing limited-edition millennial pink ears because, LBR, people will buy ’em. We mean… just look at how adorable they are:

We told you they’re cute! The new ears are covered with pink matte sequins, and in case it wasn’t already obvious… they’re absolutely fabulous! So, how and when exactly will you be able to snag a pair of these babies for yourself? Good news, Disney fans! You won’t have to wait long. In fact, the ears made their debut yesterday in Downtown Disney at Disneyland in California, so for the lucky folks who just so happen to be at the park right now, the ears are just steps away.

For those of you who aren’t in Disneyland right now (we know, what a bummer), have no fear — within the month, these new ears will be available for purchase at Disney World in Florida, too. Phew! What a relief.