From Our BFFS: Is Miley Cyrus Headed Back to the Big Screen?!

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It’s true! Miley‘s gonna play Dracula’s daughter in a new flick called Hotel Transylvania. Sounds approps. [Twist]

Is Jackson Rathbone a Belieber? Does Robert Pattinson keep up with the Kardashians? The answers may (or may not) surprise you… [Just Jared Jr.]

Jacob promised to fight for Bella until her heart “stops beating.” And here’s Taylor Lautner Jacob in a totally awesome clip from Breaking Dawn, keeping that promise. We alwyas knew we loved him. [Seventeen]

Could The Hunger Games beat out Twilight in theaters next year?! Better question: Is that even possible?! [Hollywire]

Hey, fans of The Vampire Diaries! You guys need to go and vote for TVD like #rightthissecond so they can win all these 2012 People’s Choice Awards. [Wetpaint]

A sneak peek at Selena Gomez‘s vid for “Hit the Lights?!” We don’t mind this kind of teasing at all. [Cambio]

This is probs the best Beyonce dance you will ever see. [Posh24]

Update: Adele got throat surgery and is doing a-okay! But the real news is…[Popdust]

And here are “The Best (and Worst) Made-for-TV Weddings.” Yes Kim Kardashian and ex-hubby Kris Humphries are on the list! Can you guess which category they’re under? [ELLE]

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