From Our BFFS: Did Miley Cyrus Admit to Being a Pothead?

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 19th birthday over Thanksgiving weekend with a Bob Marley birthday cake, which prompted her to admit that she’s a stoner herself. True story. Now this you’ve gotta watch. [Wetpaint]

Selena Gomez spilled some major baby news — she’s gonna be a mom big sister! [Hollywire]

Remember when Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith covered “Thinkin’ About Ya” last week? Little sis Willow Smith did it, too! [Posh24]

Cody Simpson performed at at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and spilled the deets on Christmas at the Simpson household. Um, who wants to go to Australia? Anyone? [Cambio]

Can you imagine manly dudes singing girly song lyrics from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift? Yeah. That happened. [gURL]

How do we know The Hunger Games is happening oh-so-soon? More pics of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss! Yay! [4TNZ]

These successful teen fashion bloggers just might be more famous than we’ll ever be. They’re not even 20 and are already chillin’ with Anna Wintour! [HuffPost High School]

Breaking Dawn has earned almost half a BILLION buckaroos at the box office worldwide. Beat that, Harry Potter! [Just Jared Jr.]

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