Miley Cyrus Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Stalker

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Miley Cyrus, as well as her friends and family, can rest a little easier tonight, as she was just granted a temporary restraining order against Jason Luis Rivera.

On September 8, the 40-year-old was arrested (and tasered) on charges of trespassing on Miley’s property in Los Angeles. At the time, he was spotted standing outside the singer’s house carrying a pair of scissors (of which the intent is unknown). According to reports, the man told officials that he was friends with Miley for five years and just wanted to see her.

Since then, he was convicted for his crimes, sentenced to 18 months in jail and personally refused probation (for yet another unknown reason). Deputy City Attorney Joshua Geller said to TMZ, “I advised [Miley’s] legal team to get a restraining order immediately.”

…and so she did. On October 30, the former Hannah Montana star filed a request, asking that Jason be ordered to stay away from her, as well as family friends Wendy and Catlin Green, whom were both present at the time of the trespassing. In the newly-acquired document, the stalker’s ordered to stay at least 1,000 yards away from Miley at all times. As of now, a hearing is scheduled for late November to decide whether to make the order permanent. Until then, all Smilers should focus on all the positive Miley news, like how she voted for the first time!

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