7 Times Miley Cyrus Made the World Cringe… with Spankings (in GIFs)

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All has been kinda quiet on the Miley Cyrus front, huh? Besides her public response to the "ugly lesbian" comments earlier this month, and awkward liplock with Ryan Seacrest on New Year's, there haven't been too many headlines surrounding the 21-year-old's actions. That is, until her first MTV Unplugged special aired.

During the segment, which debuted on Wednesday night, the "We Can't Stop" singer couldn't help herself when performing with the legend that is Madonna, and decided to spank the 55-year-old phenom mid-performance because, well, she's Miley and that's what she does. Here, legit proof that spankings are just MiCy's thang:

A Stripper on The Ellen Show


Some… Rando

Jolt 24

A Little Person

E! Online

A Little Person, Again

IMG Flip

At the 2013 MTV VMAs


Herself (Sorta)

Perez Hilton

And, Most Recently, Madonna


Anyone else uncomfortable?

That sure is an interesting get-up you got there, Miley…

Guess Who Wants (Naked) Confidence Like Miley's