The Best Worst (Yet Kinda Hilar) Miley Cyrus Spoofs Of All Time

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Miley Cyrus SpoofsIt seems like we’ve kinda been ragging on Miley Cyrus lately. (Between her word vom and bad hair extensions, could you really blame us?) But we promise, we are totally Team MiCy! We even wrote her a birthday poem to show how much we love her! But after watching this absolutely hilar SNL skit about Miley’s pot-smokin’ vid, we just had to share it with you… along with four other ROFL-worthy Miley Cyrus spoofs.

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Saturday Night Live
We couldn’t help but LOL at Vanessa Bayer‘s impression of Miley this past weekend. And Jason SudeikisBilly Ray was pretty dead-on, too.

“7 Things Guys Don’t Have to Do”
Is it wrong that we kinda agree with everything the song says?

“You’ll Look Like Poo”
Such a sweet song… turned into literal crap.

“Farting in the USA”
Which is more disgusting — the lyrics to this song, or the people singing them?

“Sorry, I’m Not Perfect”
We love a girl that can laugh at herself. And that’s exactly what MiCy did during an SNL monologue where she shrugs off kissing girls and her infamous nude photoshoot.

Which of the Miley Cyrus spoofs was the funniest? Do you find them hilar or offensive?
Come on, share with us!