Miley Cyrus Is Smoking a Bong! Or is She?!

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Well, it looks like Miley Cyrus didn’t waste any time since she turned legal on November 23. TMZ got hold of a video of Miley — gasp! — smoking from a bong at what seemed to be a house party with a bunch of friends. Well, that’s one way to get rid of your Hannah Montana image…

But no, Miley’s not headed to rehab yet. Sources say Miley wasn’t smoking marijuana, but salvia, which is legal in California and gives the user “psychedelic qualities.” Maybe that explains all of Miley’s out of control giggling? And apparently, a Liam Hemsworth lookalike was in attendance at the party! Miley kept saying “Is that Liam? Is that my boyfriend?” Funny, Miley, cause we thought he was your ex boyfriend…

Click on for the gotta-see video!

Head over to TMZ to watch the full vid!

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