With Just One Move, Miley Cyrus Proves Her Reunion with Liam is Super Serious

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Days ago, we thought we were caught in a beautiful dream that we didn’t want to wake up from when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted hanging out at the Byron Bay Falls Music Festival in Australia. After several pinches in attempt to wake ourselves out of the lovesick stupor, we realized that Miam may, in fact, actually be back on. And after finding out the latest in the Miley-Liam saga, it seems that the the old lovers’ reunion — dare we say — may be the real deal. Deep. Breaths.

The former Hannah Montana star has for sure been enjoying her time making out catching up with her ex-fiance in the land down under. Actually, she’s been having such a great time that, according to E! News, she skipped out of a performance she was scheduled for in LA in honor of “Hands of Love,” her gay rights balled from the movie Freeheld.

TBH, this reunion has been a long time coming, and we’re sure the 23 year old is trying her hardest to tie up any loose ends with her ex (slash maybe new love). What with Liam continuously saying the most adorable things about his former gal pal, as well as Miley being his go-to girl when he was adopting a new pup back in November. Notice a trend here?

Right about now, our hopes are pretty high, so we’re realllly hoping that the former power couple pulls through.

WDYT of Miley and Liam’s Aussie reunion?

Here’s to hoping the rumors are true!

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