You Won’t Believe the Crazy Reason Miley Cyrus is Being Sued Now

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And the awesome Miley Cyrus news just keeps on coming. Hot off the news that her homeless date to the 2014 MTV VMAs, Jesse Helt, was sentenced to six months in jail for violating probation, the 21-year-old is now falling victim to a lawsuit, as is her sister, Brandi Cyrus.

According to TMZ, LA model Yolande Ngom was bitten by the elder Cyrus sibling’s dog, Feather, in the apartment complex where she and Brandi both reside. Since Miley’s company, Smiley Miley, Inc., is said to own the property, and the model claims that one of its employees was handling the canine at the time, she’s now suing the family for damages, including medical bills and lost wages.

Ngom alleges that “the unprovoked bite ripped open her right thigh, leaving scars so bad she’ll never be able to work as a model again.”

While this isn’t the first crazy lawsuit filed against Miley — remember, a guy is suing the former Hannah Montana star because he was hurt… by her tongue — it certainly will go down as one of the more interesting ones because, like, how can you hold MiCy accountable for the actions of her sister’s pet? Just sayin’.

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