Miley Cyrus: Her Most Ridic GIFs and Instagrams

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We're sure you've heard about our upcoming Miley Cyrus ban on Teen — if not, read about it HERE — but before we get rid of her, we wanted to do somewhat of purge to show you exactly why we need a Miley breather.

Every since Miley debuted her infamous bleach blonde buzz cut last summer, it feels like she's been constantly in the spotlight. Also, the fact that she's taking on somewhat of a new persona hasn't helped either.

From her totally scandalous ensembles to her outrageous behavior (she's just bein' Miley), we decided to compile a little bit of everything to show you exactly what we're talking about. So, without further ado, please see some of Miley's most ridiculous GIFs and Instagrams.

1. Miley shows off the origins of her twerking skills at a Juicy J concert.


2. Miley at the VMAs…before she ripped off the bear costume to reveal what she was "wearing" underneath.


3. Another shot of Miley at the VMAs, but this time she's famously sticking out her tongue and wrapping her leg around one of the huge dancing bear things.


4. Yet again, another preview of how she'd dance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, but this is from her "We Can't Stop" video.


5. Is that Miley's tongue we see? It sure is.


6. Oh, another tongue shot!


7. Yep. More booty shaking.


8. Here we are, back at the VMAs, This time she's brought out the infamous foam finger.


9. Let's take it back to when she twerked in a unicorn onesie, shall we? We were all so naive then…


10. Oh, there's Miley making out with a doll that's supposed to be her (we think).


11. And there's Miley licking a sledgehammer in the "Wrecking Ball" video because, why not?