Where to Get Miley Cyrus’ Peach Buttoned Dress

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Last time we informed you of where to get Miley Cyrus‘ clothes, it was for her skimpy-but-cute Giejo bikini. Now, we’re here to let you know how you can snag another one of her adorable ensembles. As of this minute, that last picture Miley tweeted is the one you see below (left) with a kitty cat… mirror? Popsicle? Whatever, a prop of some sort. But the one thing we can’t stop ogling: that peach buttoned dress she’s rocking!

Twitter/Free People

True, you can only see the top of it. But that didn’t keep us from doing a little research on how we could get our hands on it. Turns out, it’s Blesse’d are the Meek’s Valley of the Queens dress, and it’s available at Free People. Though, you might need to hit up Mom and Dad for a little bit more in your allowance. Ya know, since it’s $209 and all…

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