Miley Cyrus Gets Inked With an Image of Her Grandma

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Another day…another tattoo for Miley Cyrus! Although it's been a while since the "We Can't Stop" singer has gotten tattooed, it looks like she has herself some fresh new ink. Taking to her Twitter to share the latest addition, Miley shared the photo with a caption that read: "because i am her favorite & she is mine."

Check out the tattoo for itself below.


The tattoo appears to be an old photo of a woman, who is one of Miley's grandparents. The tattoo was done by famed tattoo artist Kat Von D, and she Instagramed about the ink session, saying, "Grandmas rule." which included a photo of the tattooing process. Take a look below.


This wouldn't be the first time Kat tatted up Miley. Back in March Miley got some anatomical hearts among rumors that she and Liam Hemsworth had split. Though they weren't true at the time, they've since gone their separate ways (but you already knew that, right?).

What do YOU think of Miley's new ink? Sure does make a statement, doesn't it? Sound off in the comments section!

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