Miley Cyrus Just Called Her 14-Year-Old Sister the Most Inappropriate Thing Ever

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Noah Cyrus lives a life that's so… different from the average 14-year-old. She's stolen Justin Bieber's clothes, dated Pierce Brosnan's son and gets to travel around the world at little to no cost to herself. Guess that's what happens when your big sister is Miley Cyrus, eh? The price: She gets to play "p**** police" for her older sibling.

While chatting with host Sophie Monk on Australia's 2Day FM, the 21-year-old "We Can't Stop" singer was asked how she keeps everything 'down under' in check with her super high-cut leotards on her Bangerz tour. Her response: "My sister — what channel are we on right now? So I can't say 'p****.'" When she's informed that she can, in fact, use the term, she continues to say that Noah's her "p**** police" and "makes sure that, you know, everything is staying intact." Umm, aww?

She then continues to sing Noah's praises, "My little sister, she's with me all the time, so she definitely does [keep me grounded], but it also keeps me, again, like I said, just being focused."

Closer than your average siblings? Yes. But, then again, there's nothing average about the Cyrus family anyway. Stay classy, ladies!

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