7 Times Miley Cyrus Let Her Boobs Go Completely Free in Public

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The common saying goes — don’t wear white after Labor Day. But what it should really say is, don’t wear white without a bra. Actually… you can do what you want (#FREETHENIPPLE), but you must know that letting your breasts go bare in a sheer top means people will most likely get a view of your nipples.

Miley Cyrus loves being naked, often posting NSFW pictures of herself online just because she feels like it. Seeing as the 24-year-old celebrity doesn’t give a crap if her boobs pop out on live television, it’s really not that surprising that she’s one of the many stars who absolutely hate wearing bras, even in public. The former Disney Channel queen takes her love of baring it all to another level, however, when she throws away the lingerie and slips on a (usually see-through) white shirt.