Meet the Newest Puppy in the Cyrus Family: Penny Lane!

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Celebrity pets — we just can’t get enough of them! Just yesterday, we caught a glimpse of Britney Spears‘ “new little baby girl” Hannah Spears; before that, Lauren Conrad showed off “lazy intern” Fitz. Now, the family that’s basically known for its ever-growing brood, the Cyruses, just introduced this cutie to the world:

Twitter (@PennyLcyrus)

Meet Penny Lane Cyrus. She already has her own Twitter page, a handful of cousins, and a whole lot o’ love. See the tweets from Miley and mama Tish:

Obviously, Penny isn’t the only pooch in Miley’s life, considering this is what she gets to come home to: her “[h]ungry pups.”

Instagram (@mileyxxcyrus)

Then, of course, there’s another addition that strays from her usual canine roots; PETA sponsored a pig named Nora in Miley’s name.

Twitter (@mileycyrus)

What do you think of the newest member of the Cyrus clan? Or about Miley’s growing family? Leave a note in the comments below or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

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