15 of Miley Cyrus’ Most Naked Instagram Moments of All Time

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Miley Cyrus is OB-sessed with being naked. Whether she’s baring it all in magazines or taking NSFW photos for her significant others, the 23-year-old is completely confident with her nude body and wants everyone to know it.

But while MiCy doesn’t care about showing a little bit lot of skin on the regular, Instagram doesn’t agree with her mindset. As we’ve seen in the past, the photo-sharing site is pretty strict about celebrities posting risque pics, and isn’t afraid to delete even the most popular of shots. But in true Miley fashion, the singer has figured out a way to continuously upload entirely naked pictures without completely pissing off Insta. Shout out to the Emojis that become impromptu censorship!

Here are the “Wrecking Ball” songstress’ most nude Instagram moments of all time: