Editor’s Note: We’re Banning Miley Cyrus For A Week… Here’s Why

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As the editor of several teen websites over the last few years, I’ve been tracking every move Miley Cyrus has made since 2009. But after her VMA performance last month, I knew it was time for a break. That performance, foam finger and all, will go down as one of the more controversial moments in the award show’s long history of controversial moments. Websites saw huge surges in traffic, Twitter records were broken and we were sure we’d be talking about it for weeks to come.

But since then, Miley has continuously tried to one-up herself. She released a jaw-dropping video for ‘Wrecking Ball,’ had an uncomfortable dance sesh with a puppet and a monkey, posed topless for Rolling Stone magazine and discussed the drugs she has used. Obviously the Miley train shows no sign of stopping. So we’re getting off.

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 28th, we aren’t going to post any news stories about Miley for a week. We won’t be talking about her at all on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Tumblr either. This isn’t a mean-spirited ban; we’re not putting her in time out. Miley is an artist who can choose to do whatever she wants and we’re not saying what she’s doing is right or wrong, but that we’ve been covering her extensively on our YouTube channel and here on Teen.com and we just want to not have to think about or write about what she’s doing for a week.

As always, we love getting feedback from our readers. Let us know if you’re on board with our decision or not. If you want a more detailed explanation of the reasons for the break, here’s a series of GIFs showcasing Miley’s most talked-about moments from the past year… moments that are keeping the 20-year-old on the tip of every media outlet’s tongue — minus one for the next week.


Stacy Hinojosa
Editorial Director, Teen.com