Miley Cyrus Says She Didn’t Call Off Her Wedding

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Rumors are flying that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemworth are headed for a break up, but Miley insists that isn’t true. According to the latest issue of US Weekly, the engaged couple has hit a bit of a rough patch, and a source insists they’re “done.”

However, Miley took to Twitter (as she usually does) to shoot down the rumor, saying, “I am so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn’t call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining.” While Miley says she hasn’t called off the wedding, there are certainly a lot of other things going on that could suggest these two are indeed going through some kind of difficult times.

Now, before you guys get too upset with us for suggesting it could be true, there’s some serious circumstantial evidence that supports that idea the 20-year-old singer and the 23-year-old actor’s possibly trouble in paradise. First, there are rumors that Liam spent a lot of time flirting with Harry Potter star Emma Watson at a pre-Oscars party. Now, again, we’re not saying it’s true, we’re just saying that’s the word that’s gotten out.

More substantial evidence that these two might be ready to call off their almost year-long engagement? In 2012, the duo happily attended Vanity Fair’s Oscars party, but this year, Miley went to another party totally solo. And as far as we know, Liam wasn’t out of town or working. Maybe he just didn’t feel like going? Who knows.

Another fishy occurrence? We did a little research, and though they’ve been seen together in public running errands and whatnot, they haven’t made a red carpet appearance together since June 2012 — a month after they announced their engagement. Now, some celeb couples just don’t like to appear together on red carpets, but Miley and Liam have clearly done so in the past, so why would that change?

Also, on Tuesday, she said “Over tweeting.” but then continued to do so with some retweets. Another telling tweet was when she RT’ed, “Communication is key. Anything else is bullsh-t.”

And last but not least, some questions are being raised as Miley has just signed on with power manager Larry Rudolph who helped revive Britney Spears‘ career after she went through some troubled times. Miley has been working on new music for a while so this isn’t a complete shock or anything, but it might signal that she’s ready to solely focus on work — maybe to take her mind off an impending break up?

While there is certainly mounting evidence that these two could be splitting, we’ll believe they’re done when we hear it straight from Miley. However, what do YOU guys think? We personally think where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but who knows. Do you think these two calling off their wedding is inevitable? Or do you think they’re doing fine? Sound off in the comments section!

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