7 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Reuniting Would Be the Worst Idea Ever

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Here we go again… After months of speculation about how their engagement was on the rocks — and then the inevitable split — there are now reports flying around that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth still aren't over each other.

According to US Weekly, "[Miley is] confused about how she feels…but Liam is telling friends he misses her." Liam's "friends" also tell the mag that "the attraction hasn't gone away" and "he still has feelings." Hmm, OK.

They were together on and off for about four years, so it's natural to miss someone after breaking up. However, we think these two should stay single. Don't believe us? Below you'll find 10 reasons why a Miley and Liam reunion would be the worst idea ever. Check it out!

1. Too much awkwardness.

Could you imagine that first conversation after breaking off an engagement with someone? "Uh, hey, yeah. What's up?" Too weird for our taste.


2.  Miley is too into freedom right now.

She told us once, and she shouldn't have to say it again. Seriously — she CAN'T be tamed.


3. Liam hasn't had any time to explore being single.

RIGHT after he broke it off with Miley, he started seeing whatshername. And now that they're done, he's probably feeling lonely. Embrace it, Liam! Get adjusted to life on your own.


4. That goes for you too, Miley.


5. Their personalities don't match.

Miley is…yeah. And Liam is much more quiet and reserved. They can't (and shouldn't!) change who they are for someone else.


6. They're too young!

Miley JUST turned 21, and has been with Liam since she was 16. She has her whole life to be married to someone.


7. They'd end up having the exact same problems.

It's true that everyone changes over time, but not enough time has passed for either of them to figure out what they really want.


Do YOU think they should get back together? Sound off in the comments section!

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