Miley Cyrus Responds to ‘Cutting for Bieber’ Twitter Trend

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

While Justin Bieber‘s been busy doing damage control — taking pictures with fans, revealing his new tattoo, announcing more BELIEVE tracks, etc. — after pictures of him smoking marijuana surfaced over the weekend, his fans are making the incident hard to forget.

As you may have seen, Beliebers have been posting graphic images on Twitter of alleged self-inflicted wounds in an attempt to get Justin to stop smoking pot, using the hashtag #cut4bieber. In regards to the trending topic, Teen.com readers responded on our Facebook page; Miley Cyrus, who defended Justin Bieber after a paparazzo died chasing his car last week, took to her personal Twitter to (somewhat) voice her opinion on the matter.

She retweeted (original from @OfficialCANCER): “#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.” So far, Bieber’s camp has not yet released a comment on the subject.

At least there’s Miley though, right? And that’s not all she’s tweeting about. Late last night, she teased “guesssss where iiiii am???” along with the photo you see below. Looks like she’s back in the recording studio, folks.

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

What are your thoughts about #cut4bieber? Do you think Justin should respond? What do you think of Miley’s (retweeted) comment? Share your thoughts with us below!

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