This May Just Be The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Miley’s Date

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Jesse Helt made headlines when Miley Cyrus took him as her date to the 2014 VMAs, but while everyone was initially moved by his speech about being homeless, the world soon came to find out he was actually a wanted criminal! But things just got way worse for the 22 year old.

According to Page Six, Jesse was sentenced to six months in jail yesterday for violating probation that came after a 2010 arrest.

Apparently he was taken from court in handcuffs, even though he told the judge, “I’d like to be viewed as a good person, not as a nuisance to society.”

It was reported that Miley helped pick up the legal fees that Jesse accumulated and even hired his defense attorney, who pleaded with the judge to give him another chance before sending him to jail.

And while MC went on a lengthy rant when the world initially found out about the warrant out for his arrest, she has not publicly commented on his jail sentence. Well, at least not yet…

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