Guess What, Guys? Miley Cyrus Wants Us To Know She’s Really “All About the Music”

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Uh huh. Because Miley Cyrus‘ music is way more interesting than her on-off-again relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her fight with her dad and her very public bong bust. Kidding. Her music is awesome (“Party in the U.S.A,” anyone?). And we’re about to see just how awesome it really is when Miley tours Australia for the very first time on her Gypsy Heart tour that, according to Miley, is “all about the music.”

What does that even mean?

Miley said:

“I want to show people who I really am more than just what they see on TV.”

Go on…

“It’s going to be different to all my other tours. It’s all about the music. There’ll be acoustic things, songs I’ve never done on tour before. I want to make it special. I’ve never toured Australia before. It’s going to be really personal. I want to take requests from the fans. My last tour was all about how many costume changes we could do. This tour is not about that.”

Not gonna lie, kinda wishing we lived in Australia right about now. Anyone wanna book a ticket across the world with us? K, cool.

Do you want to catch Miley on tour? Aussies, will you?! Do you think Miley’s more about the music or the “celebrity?!” Share in the comments!