Did Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair for Cancer? The Truth Behind the Rumors

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While most celebrity hair wouldn’t spark much debate (except maybe if Justin Bieber or Harry Styles shaved theirs off completely, then that’s a matter of public concern), Miley Cyrus and her new chopped locks have caused an outpour of both support and dispute. The main issue: Fans and media outlets alike cannot figure out if Miley did it for a) attention, b) boredom, c) just because or d) a cancer charity.

Some have laid claim that choice a) is the most likely of the above, but during the trending topic of ‘Miley Cyrus’ on Twitter today, many have come to Miley’s side, suggesting — scratch that — insisting that she donated it to a good cause. Here were a couple of the defensive comments:


Though Miley has yet to confirm or deny the information, some publications, like the Examiner, advise that it’s not possible for this to be a fact, based on Locks of Love‘s official site: “[H]air that has been permed or dyed IS acceptable. However, hair that has been bleached is not accepted. Assuming Miley Cyrus has not used bleach in the past (she has dyed it), she would still need to reach the 10 in length requirement. Miley has sported long enough hair in the past, but a recent haircut likely put her under the length requirement.”

So between the length of her pre-cut hair and her dye job, it’s almost out of the realm of possibility for Miley to have donated her tresses to a cancer charity. However, whether or not she did, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to open up on the matter any time soon.

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