9 Times Miley Cyrus Threw Shade at Disney and Her Hannah Montana Days

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A lot of former Disney stars have spoken publicly about how hard it is to change their image from being a teeny-bopper to an adult actor/actress. In the process of detaching themselves from the public’s perception of them, a lot of stars have inadvertently fired major shots at the Disney company for mistreating them and putting them under too much pressure at such a young age.

Miley Cyrus ditched whatever was left of her good-girl image one night in 2013 during a wild MTV VMA performance of her hit song “We Can’t Stop.” The show featured the ex-Hannah Montana star on the stage in a revealing outfit, making vulgar gestures with a foam finger and dirty dancing with some back-up dancers in teddy bear costumes. That seemed to be her coming out party: where she said “I’m not Hannah Montana anymore.” Having spent five years (and most of her teen years) working on the popular Disney show, it was important for the 23-year-old to distance herself from what people expected her to be based on her TV show character (who was also named Miley — making the real-Miley and the television-Miley even harder to distinguish).

In her efforts to break the “Disney kid” mold, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has never held back from telling the media (and the world) about the damage that growing up as the star of a hit DC show has caused, and all the times being the talent for Disney made her feel like their “servant” (yep — she said that!). Keep reading to see Miley’s biggest burns to both the network in general and Hannah Montana specifically.